Auto Window Tinting Benefits and Features for Your Auto

Owning an auto movie can make various advantage to the car and its passengers as well as EUR(TM)t simply produce a classic as well as aesthetic check out your car or truck. Window film can be placed onto the rest in the car in addition to the home windows. Several really need with regard to placing movie around the car EUR(TM)s front lights or end lamps to be able to lessen lighting lighting or intensity, change light colour or to just exhibit a different automobile movie

  • Benefits of Window Shade on Vehicle

Protection. Among the vehicle eye-port tinting EUR(TM)s primary purposes is good for safety. Because way of lighting can get via a car EUR(TM)s clear goblet, a window tint will work to shield the inner coming from sunshine. One could select tones associated with hue via lighting for you to large shades.

High temperature Decline. Because sunlight can be stored via getting through within the automobile, warmth can also be remote protecting against your car EUR(TM)s ac unit to work no time at all. This helps you to save energy along with giving your automobile it’s energy effectiveness.

Damage Reduction. Constant contact with excessive temperature damage your internal such as your dash, home furniture, music system gear as well as the passenger EUR(TM)s wellness. Ultra violet rays are responsible for the main cause of damage that are the components that will getting windowpane shades prevents.

  • Butt Gentle Video

Any mind as well as end mild film makes a big difference on the automobile specially those who wish to offer their particular car a whole new appear. That changes the actual butt light EUR(TM)s coloration; along with the motion picture that is certainly sturdy and adhesive, it may be easily eliminated when needed.

  • Coloring Safety Video

Your car EUR(TM)s color can be at risk of have scuff marks, natural stone poker chips, dirt and also other path damages. This really is unpreventable as the automobile is confronted with it every single day, as well as once you encounter small auto accidents. When this occurs, it may be possible to repair your automobile but the damages may depart long lasting mark that is previously irreparable.

There is a fresh advancement made for autos to stop acquiring injuries in automobile color. Your car or truck can also seem completely new with the auto crystal clear bra film. This can be a form of fresh paint safety that gives your vehicle a low profile safety versus cuts and other color problems. Obtaining it employed in addition safes your vehicle from color graffiti.

This specific coloring protection movie will be mostly put on automobile accident prone regions of your vehicle like the engine, fender, fender, aspect mirror, door, roof and the mind lighting addresses.

Using this type of, your vehicle retains its color good quality much better and also longer and in addition brings benefit to it once you regarded developing a upcoming industry.

Developing a car fresh paint safety and window film helps make your car or truck servicing charge smaller. When compared to the price of getting a brand-new goblet as well as fresh auto color, the movie safety should go 100s to be able to 1000s of dollars less. In addition, it offers you much more peace of mind to depart your car or truck with additional safety via unforeseen accidents regardless of whether on the road as well as upon car parking tons. Any kind of logo and sort of auto does apply by it, just go on the closest car tinting film look on the local area.

Great Guide On How To Find Cheap Auto Insurance

In modern times buying auto insurance is not even an option, it is the law. Don’t find yourself pulled over without it, because it could even mean jail time. If you find yourself needing auto insurance don’t let the plethora of companies and policies drive you crazy. Read this article and relax, its an easy decision.

As you choose car insurance, be sure to properly protect yourself when it comes to liability for property damage and bodily injury. The right amount of coverage in this area can make a big difference in the event of an accident. Not having enough coverage can leave you with a lawsuit that can be hard to recover from.

When it comes to saving some serious cash on your automobile insurance, it helps tremendously if you know and understand the types of coverage available to you. Take your time to learn about all the different types of coverage, and find out what your state requires of you. There may be some big savings in it for you.

If you are a young driver paying for your own car insurance, add an older driver to you plan. Having a more experienced driver on your plan can reduce your premiums. Just make sure this older individual is willing to be added and that your car insurance provider offers the discount.

Buy an older and cheaper vehicle. Most insurance companies will only allow you to put liability of older vehicles, automatically lowering your premiums. If you do have greater coverage, your rates will be lower anyway, because the insurance company knows you will not be paid much for your car in the event that it is totaled.

In order to reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy, consider limiting the mileage you drive each year. Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders who do not spend a great deal of time on the road. It is important to be truthful when making claims of reduced mileage, however, as it is not unheard of for insurers to request proof of your driving habits in order to justify the reduction in price.

If you are short of funds and desperate to reduce your insurance premiums, remember you can always raise your deductible to lower your insurance’s cost. This is something of a last-ditch maneuver, though, because the higher your deductible is the less useful your insurance policy is. With a high deductible you will end up paying for minor damages entirely out of your own pocket.

In order to reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy, consider limiting the mileage you drive each year. Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders who do not spend a great deal of time on the road. It is important to be truthful when making claims of reduced mileage, however, as it is not unheard of for insurers to request proof of your driving habits in order to justify the reduction in price.

Senior citizens can benefit from the discounts that are available from their car insurance company. These discounts typically kick in at age 55 or 60. You have to request that your insurer add these discounts onto your insurance, as they will not do it automatically. It could save you as much as ten percent on your premium.

Consider switching the deductible from $1000 to $100. There a many pros and cons for lowering a deductible, even so the pros usually outweigh the cons. You might find yourself paying for a minor collision or two, but you should ultimately be saving a lot more money if you are a safe driver.

Having insurance is not just an option but it is required by law if one wants to drive a car. If driving sounds like something that one cannot go without, then they are going to need insurance to go along with it. Fortunately getting insurance is not hard to do.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, you should look for a large vehicle. If you buy a van or a truck, chances are damages will not be too bad if you get into an accident. Most insurance companies know this, and offer relatively low rates for these types of vehicles.

Even your age can play a large factor in the price you can expect to pay for auto insurance. Statistically speaking, drivers over the age of 55 and under the age of 25 are considerably more prone to vehicle accidents compared with adults in mid-life. While this cannot be changed, you may wish to compare coverage options across companies; some place less emphasis on the age of the insured party.

As you can see, there is a lot more to auto insurance than most people think. It requires a lot of research and common sense, but it will be worth it in the end to help protect the life of your vehicle. You will be able to pick a better insurance policy if you consider these suggestions.

Janet Yellen interview (Part II)

This is the second part of the Janet Yellen interview from the documentary, Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve. As in the earlier article, I will highlight some of the questions, capture her response, and provide commentary.

Question: U.S. Government debt has grown much faster than the economy. Will the Fed be forced to devalue the Dollar?

A lot of people have the view that government debt is ultimately inflationary. I’d like to take issue with that. It is not ultimately inflationary if you have an independent central bank and that central bank keeps its eye firmly focused on price stability. It is our job that regardless of what happens to the deficit and debt, it does not translate into inflation. When we get out of the crisis, we will have to tighten monetary policy and interest rates could go very high. But we do have the tools to contain inflation and whatever the government does or does not do with its budget, it does not end up as inflation.

Comment: Inflation is an increase in the amount of outstanding money and credit. If government spends more then it has to ask its people for more tax money or it has to borrow. Let’s use round numbers and say that the Federal Government borrows 40-50% of its budget. If the Fed is buying a good portion of this debt, and they are, where does the Fed get its money to buy the debt? The Fed Wizards create this money through accounting entries in banking cyberspace thus increasing the supply of money, which by definition is inflation. The inflation is visible in the prices of financial assets and has reemerged to some degree in housing. When Main St. thinks of inflation, they think about rising prices (an effect from inflation). If the Fed has the tools to control inflation, then perhaps they can explain the origin of recent financial bubbles.

Question: Can the Fed really control the rate of inflation?

We are totally [my emphasis] responsible for inflation in the long run. I don’t mean over 3 months, 6 months or even a year. But we can as a central bank, commit if we are going to have a low inflation rate and if we don’t get there it’s no one’s fault but the central bank.

Comment: We can conclude that she means that low inflation is good. Does this mean that the high price inflation of the late 1970s was the central bank’s fault? Does this mean that the financial asset bubble (inflation) is the central bank’s fault as well? I agree that there are things the central bank can do to control inflation particularly in the long run, however, if that is the case why is the Dollar worth a fraction of what it was when the Fed was born? Perhaps the Wizards are not in control?

Question: Should the Fed have raised interest rates sooner to defuse the late 1990s stock bubble? What has the Fed learned about bubbles since then?

Who could have looked at the Nasdaq in 1999 and not had some concern that these prices had reached bubble levels? Shouldn’t we have tightened monetary policy to address it? I think what most people would have thought inside the Fed then, and I wasn’t but I agreed with it, was we have an economy that in terms of the goals Congress assigned us (jobs, price stability), it is doing just fine. It does not need a tighter monetary policy and if we tighten monetary policy to bring stock prices down, we are probably gonna have to tighten a lot. We are gonna harm our performance on all the things Congress put on our scorecard.

This has been a devastating financial crisis. It is hard to pick up the pieces. We have intervened very aggressively and stopped what could have been an utter financial meltdown. Most members of the Fed anticipate that we will have high unemployment for a number of years despite our best efforts. We have pushed close to the limits to what we can do to address that.

Comment: Former Chair Greenspan warned of this overheating with his “irrational exuberance” comment. His supposed mastery of the economy led him to be called Maestro. The button pushing and lever pulling of his wizardry focused on a humming economy, regardless of what excesses were created elsewhere. Once again, the Fed goals were stretched beyond its original intention (provide liquidity) through Congressional mandate of focusing on jobs and price stability. Yellen’s immediate predecessor, Bernanke, suggested that part of the Fed’s mission was to keep the stock market high and Wall St. waits on bated breath for whatever the Fed says. Fed mission creep, whether self-inflicted or congressionally inflicted, creates the Wizard aura and makes their job much harder.

The Fed has intervened quite aggressively, so much so that despite their purchases of trillions in assets, we do not have rampant price inflation except in the area of financial assets. That makes sense since that is exactly what the Fed is buying/has bought. If instead of buying financial assets, the Fed had bought cars, what do you think the price of an automobile would be?

The Fed has been waging a death battle against deflation. Had they not intervened in purchasing financial assets, the value of those assets would have plunged. The financial markets never finished the catharsis that started in 2008 and now have instead re-inflated. As the Fed Chair said, “we have pushed close to the limits”; indeed they have. The popping of the financial bubble will demand the Fed push those limits again, but those limits will prove immovable.

Dodge Durango blower motor resistor troubles?

If you own a 2001-2004 model year Dodge Durango or Dodge Dakota and you have experienced blower motor resistor troubles, this article is for you! Tell-tale signs of a Dodge blower motor resistor which has gone on the fritz commonly involve the high-speed functionality of the vehicle’s blower motor. This is typically noticed in one of the following two scenarios:

High speed blower function no longer works but all other speeds work fine
Only high speed blower function is operational while remaining speeds are inoperative

If this happens with your vehicle, the likelihood is that the blower motor resistor will need to be replaced. If the blower motor has completely stopped working in your vehicle, the resistor still may be the problem, but other potential causes for the failure should be ruled out first so a bit more detailed troubleshooting is prudent. Even when the problem is caused by a defective blower motor resistor, the repair may not be as simple as replacing the resistor itself.

When a blower motor resistor failure occurs on these specific vehicles, a quick visual inspection of the electrical connection to the resistor may reveal that a large amount of heat accompanied the failure. It is not uncommon to discover a partially melted electrical connector and in some cases, the wires entering the connector may show signs of burned or melted insulation as well. Fortunately, all of the components required to perform this repair are available bundled together as a single repair kit. The parts gurus at Ann Schmidt Chrysler Dodge Jeep market this kit on eBay for a very reasonable price. Any of the following Metro Detroit Dodge dealerships should also be able to order the parts, with the wiring harness pigtail repair kit being part number 5017124AC and the blower motor resistor being part number 5061575AA:

Bill Snethkamp – Highland Park
Ray Laethem Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram – Grosse Pointe
Northland Chrysler Jeep Dodge – Oak Park
Galeana’s Van Dyke Dodge – Warren
Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram- Roseville
Telegraph Dodge Chrysler Jeep – Taylor
Southfield Dodge Chrysler Jeep – Southfield
Suburban Chrysler Jeep Dodge Of Troy – Troy
McInerney’s Woodhaven Chrysler Jeep Dodge – Woodhaven

It is not for the casual do-it-yourself individual, however, as it does require cutting, splicing, and soldering the vehicle’s electrical wiring harness. If you do not feel comfortable performing this level of repair on your own, purchasing the kit and then taking both your vehicle and the repair kit to your local certified automotive technician is a good option.

Once the new blower motor resistor has been installed and the wiring connector repaired, you will find that the blower motor is functional again. As everything will appear to be working properly, most people will consider the repair complete and move on, only to find that the blower motor resistor fails again a month or two later. This problem can be avoided.

Remember the large amount of heat we discussed earlier? This heat frequently results from a blower motor which is drawing too much current, thus causing the resistor and connector to heat up and fail. To ensure your vehicle is truly “fixed the first time,” be sure to replace the blower motor with a new one anytime a blower motor resistor failure is accompanied by a melted electrical connector. New blower motors can be acquired directly from your local Dodge dealership (Chrysler part number 4885669AC) as well as numerous aftermarket vendors. I have personally used Discount Starter and Alternator with great results but there are others out there too so don’t be afraid to shop around a little.

Happy Motoring!

Better Business Bureau plays ball with collection complaints

Are you reading all the news that’s fit to print? Rounds of cost cutting across America have made that a more challenging goal. Most Examiners cover their topics in addition to working on other projects and when businesses that cut their costs too much make aggressive demands for our attention, it takes time away from the time needed to provide quality coverage.

You can see a classic example in this 2 part photo. The debt collection agency of Caine & Weiner is demanding I pay them thousands of dollars although I did not sign a contract with the vendor and I did chose to pay another vendor to perform the service. Consumers have the right to request verification. When I did this by filing a report with the Better Business Bureau, I pointed out that I chose not to sign the contract and opted to prepay a trial, just like millions of other Americans who chose pre-pay plans over complicated contracts. The company’s response speaks for itself – sending me unsigned correspondence on its letterhead (above) and this copy of the contract which I clearly did not sign (below). It may be less expensive to have computers send out letters, but it is not a dependable way of assuring quality control.

A check of the Caine & Weiner website illustrates the company’s minimalist approach to quality control. The executive profile of corporate counsel John Pucin states that “He is admitted to the State Bar’s in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio.” That’s interesting. Why can’t someone who graduated from law school spell the single syllable word “Bars” correctly, or at least pay someone to proofread and correct documents?

Lots of other consumers have had similar experiences and it looks like real leaders in the business community need to step up to the plate and be realistic about the impact this kind of publicity has on all American business. The Business Consumer Alliance reports that Caine and Weiner had 51 closed complaints over the previous three years. Look what consumers have published publicly about this firm on Yelp: John R. of Reno, Nevada published this detailed report with third party verification from a manager at blue chip firm Pitney-Bowes: “This company sent out a letter saying they represent Pitney Bowes Inc and they were going to charge me $1,000.00 dollars unless they receive an old postage meter. Called Pitney Bowes spoke with a Benjamin call ref #*****0611. Ben said our account is up-to-date and they have no contract with Caine & Weiner and to disregard the letter Ben said it is some kind of scam. Pitney asked for the details on letter and said that they were trying to stop this company. Some business have been talked into giving acct numbers or to send scans of printed postage. Call Pitney Bowes ASAP if you receive this letter. Benjamin said DO NOT call back or give any information to this company.”

An October 24, 2013 complaint filed with the Chicago area Better Business Bureau underscores the burdens of corporate cost cutting at the expense of consumers. As the complaint published at this link shows, Caine & Webber did not even check that the American they were sending threatening letters to was the debtor.

If you would prefer to be inspired by the positive example of well managed businesses that support a positive image for American business, read a recent report from a sports business convention at the San Diego Convention Center at this link.

Things To Know Regarding Matters Related To Vehicle Finance

Do you want to purchase a vehicle? In today’s world, there are only a handful of people who can afford to pay off all that money in cash a high end vehicle would cost. But what about those who desperately need a vehicle either for personal or commercial purposes, but cannot afford to pay the sum at one go? Keeping the needs of such people in mind, these schemes about Vehicle Finance have been launched by quality financial institutions.

What kind of schemes can you think of in this regard? There are host of schemes to choose from, depending upon the choice and make of your desired vehicle. Funds that would be granted to a person for purchasing a certain vehicle will also depend on it being a new or an old one. Additionally, if a person wants to avoid any kind of dealership, they can avail Private Finances for vehicle purchase as well.

And what would a person need to do with regards to his choice of vehicle? This is matter of personal taste, with little room for solicitation here. But it would be advisable to keep in mind a few things before making a choice. As you are seeking finance for which you have to pay off periodic interests, it is advisable to opt for something which offers nice features as well as good value for money. An eye should also be kept on discounts and interest rates associated with a ride.

If people need Car Finance, they should also have to meet certain criteria which are put forward by the authority granting those funds. These conditions are not something which is over the moon, but simple things that make matters easy for both the lender and you. And what kind of criteria are these? Very basic ones like having a valid driving license registered against your name, a certain minimum monthly income, no cases of defaulting on debts etc.

Can people apply for such schemes over the internet? Definitely they can! Almost every financial institution that grants such finances offer online finance schemes and other related information on their official website. You can simply put in your details to check for your eligibility and also avail quotes free of cost from the website.

So, if you do need Vehicle Finance now or at some point of time when you decide upon buying a ride, these were just some useful information. You can always contact a finance company personally to know more clearly about each and every aspect. And that is something which is advisable as well.

How to Find Vehicle Dealers for the Perfect Mid-Year Sales Offers

Buying brand new, used or pre-owned Honda car ought not to be as bad as numerous shoppers make it. Of course, it can be fun. The perfect way to get a good Mid-Year Honda deal is to do your homework.

Every year, one of the perfect times to purchase a new or certified used vehicle is to go shopping on the mid- times of the year to locate the good deals vehicle dealers are putting out. But, if you have never bought a vehicle during the mid year, you might be a bit impatient as to how to maximize your possibilities of finding a car you will be happy with. The article will offer a lot of advices toward helping you locate vehicle dealer choices for the perfect mid-year times sales offers, no matter which type of vehicle you are interested in.

  • The first and foremost the most common way of finding Honda dealers to find the perfect mid-year time Honda Accord Sales offers is to just browse your magazines, newspapers, and public advertisements. It is where you are likely to locate the most deals and offers, and it will not take you some time to do so. Every day, newspapers are filled to the brim with ads for all kinds of things, including vehicles that are going on sale.
  • If you live in Cathedral City area that has numerous papers to browse through, take your time to pull a paper copy of all of them. Any Honda dealer worth their deals will have an advertisement in the papers, and once you locate a few that you like, and start searching for your Honda sales. When it comes to the dealing process, take the new paper copy in with you.
  • A second way to find Honda dealers for the best sales of the mid-year time is to turn on your TV. Around this time, the advertisements will be on every TV channel for every sorts of vehicle sale you could be interested in. At that time, when you driving in your vehicle, keep the FM Radio tuned to stations that play these kinds of advertisements.
  • A third way to locate which Honda dealers are offering the perfect Honda mid-year sales of their online new or used car inventory is to browse the internet. It is quickly becoming a good way among younger shopper for finding all type of information. You can take avail of the internet world no matter how old or young you are, simply hunt with your postcode or place and search for vehicle sales in that area.
  • A fourth approach is just to go for a drive around city. The success you will need to this approach will depend on how close you are to a metro area, as the large metro areas will have more vehicle dealers to take advantage that more shoppers are around.

Bike Accessories

There are numerous remarkable motorcycle accessories to select from, you definitely can make your bike look original, even if it is among thousands that are made specifically the very same when you acquire it. Some motorbike devices are optional and some you need to acquire without exception.

Safety accessories are something you must invest your money the day you buy a bike or previously. If you cannot manage the security equipment, then you don’t need the bike! You will should acquire a great quality helmet that fits you appropriately. You can get one tailored to match your bike if you like. They are readily available in a range of colors and designs so you will not have any problem finding one that matches your style.

There are other motorcycle devices that you can purchase if you like for safety, but they aren’t mandatory. Full riding matches that are flame resistant and very protective are a fantastic choice. You will find sunglasses, goggles, gloves, knee pads, chaps, and more. Many of these safety devices will make riding your motorcycle more comfortable. It is an excellent idea to purchase some rain gear as well.

Do you plan to take a trip a lot on your motorcycle? Exactly how do you prepare to carry your needs? There are lots of motorbike devices to choose from to look after this for you. For short journeys, consider acquiring a bike back pack. There are likewise a variety of leather pouches and travel equipment that connect to your motorcycle. Many of them are removable so you can quickly include them when you travel.

Riding your motorbike is supposed to be enjoyable, so make sure you are comfy. My other half finally got the dream bike he had constantly desired just to find that the seat was uneasy when riding it for more than an hour. We invested a couple hundred dollars in a custom seat so that he could get more satisfaction out of the bike. If you typically have a traveler on your motorbike, think about setting up a back rest bar. An additional set of foot pegs on the front of your bike can help you remain comfy too on a long trip. They are perfect for stretching out.

There are also a range of motorbike devices to assist you tailor the look of your bike. Decals are really usual, and they are rather simple to put on. Select from stripes, flames, and lots of other excellent designs. You might choose to have a custom design painted onto your bike rather than making use of decals. There are also a variety of chrome pieces you can replace conventional ones on your bike with.

Selecting the right devices for your bike is going to take some time. Take a look at the alternatives readily available as well as the quality of the brand name you are looking at. Most of the times, you are much better off conserving your money to buy quality devices instead of paying less for inadequate quality. It can be fun customizing your motorcycle to your own personal look. Simply always remember to invest in those important safety accessories initially.

You can buy motorbike accessories anywhere that offers bikes. You can also ask for brochures from bike makers. The net also offers you the chance to take a look at hundreds of designs of motorcycle devices to select from.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas – A Reality

Texas auto insurance companies are providing cheap auto insurance in Texas since a long time to best satisfaction of their clients. Very tough legal actions made it mandatory to have an insured auto in Texas and its cities. Almost each insurance company has a site and operates its business through it. Few sites provide a comparative study of service providers helping the individuals.

SR-22 is the basic requirement of drivers in Texas. He must have attained age of 15 to have a driving license. He can not have a license to use mobile below the age of 18. The minimum penalty for one man injury is $25,000 for one injury and $50,000 for one accident. If the auto is also damaged he will have to pay $25.000.

Cheap car insurance in Texas has been made more accessible as it is mandatory. Non compliance may cause a fine of $ 175-350 for the first time and thereafter up to $ 1000 or suspension of driving license or even forfeiture of vehicle. Texas Sure feature adopted in Texas to pinpoint uninsured vehicles and keep them off the road is running successfully. Drivers must have insurance identity card with them while driving.

How much amount should be arranged through insurance? Texas authorities require that a driver must have a liability insurance to cover $ 30, 000 for one death or accident, $60,000 for more than two injuries or deaths and $ 25,000 for vehicle damage.

Various auto insurance companies in operation are Austin Auto Insurance, Fort Worth Auto Insurance, Metro, Dallas Auto/Car insurance company and so on. The rates offered depending upon the valuation of the vehicle are variable from company to company. Various sites giving comparison and quotes must be consulted and most suitable option should be adopted after taking views of friends and relatives.

Rate of insurance is discounted for second vehicle insurance from the same insurance provider. Your clean record of safe driving is the best source of discount and is accounted for by most of the service providers. If you promise to pay certain fixed amount from your pocket in case of accident, your insurance rate will come down for the enhanced claim amount.

Your record of no claim in past will reduce the insurance rate. The company considers you a reliable person on road and rewards you for that. Paying the bills in time will increase your credit, benefiting you financially. Insurance of other items from the same insurance company may enable you another discount as laid in their rules. Avail as much as possible discounts to lessen the burden on your pocket.

Don’t fall in trap of insurance providers and awareness of their past history in disposing the claims must be taken in notice before taking the final decisions. But make it a habit to drive safely to avoid legal implications. Don’t let prove your fault in case of an accident. Enjoy a safe drive but choose the mandatory insurance policy to have confidence while driving in Texas.

Ford CEO Allan Mulally gets $13.8 million bonus

Ford Motor Company is back. As proof, Ford Motor Company’s CEO Allan Mulally was awarded bonuses totaling $13.8 million, according to documents submitted to government regulators this week.

Skin in the game
According to a Reuters report, Mulally’s holdings in Ford stock are worth approximately $96 million. Mulally’s holdings should mollify critics who complain that too many CEOs don’t have a personal stake in the companies they run. Owning Ford stock worth $96 million, however, qualifies as having “skin in the game.”

Is he worth it?
For those who don’t follow the auto industry closely, Allan Mulally is widely credited with rescuing Ford Motor Company from what looked like certain bankruptcy. Mulally was recruited away from Boeing Aircraft Company by then-CEO Bill Ford, Jr. in 2006 — when Ford’s losses were mounting and sales volume and market share were shrinking.

That was before the financial meltdown in 2009 and a $4.00/gallon spike in gasoline prices which cratered sales of Ford’s most profitable products, SUVs and pickups. Ford’s lowest point came in 2009 when the company lost a record $13 billion. Ford avoided bankruptcy but General Motors and Chrysler did not and needed federally guaranteed loans to stay in operation.

Stays put
Mulally recently reassured Ford’s board of directors that he will not jump to Microsoft, a topic of intense media speculation. What fueled that speculation was the retirement of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and the fact that Microsoft’s headquarters are in Redmond, WA, just east of Seattle. Mually served in key management posts at Seattle-based Boeing Airplane Company from 1969 until he left to join Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI in 2006. Mulally has family in Seattle and maintains a residence there.